Electrochemically Active Biofilms Short Course

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Electrochemically Active Biofilms Short Course

July 31st – Aug 4th 2023

Gene and Linda Voiland School of Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering
Washington State University
Pullman, WA, USA

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Course Overview

The goal of this short course is to provide the participants with the electrochemical techniques used to study extracellular electron transfer in the electrochemically active biofilms that are used in microbial fuel cells and other bioelectrochemical systems. We define electrochemically active biofilms as biofilms that exchange electrons with conductive surfaces, i.e. electrodes. Following the electrochemical conventions, and recognizing that electrodes can be considered reactants in these bioelectrochemical processes, biofilms that deliver electrons to the biofilm electrode are called anodic, i.e. electrode-reducing, biofilms, while biofilms that accept electrons from the biofilm electrode are called cathodic, i.e. electrode-oxidizing, biofilms.

Laboratory sessions and lectures will illustrate the electrochemical principles of the measurements, explain how biofilms are grown on electrodes and demonstrate how they are characterized. In the workshop, we will teach how to grow these electrochemically active biofilms in bioelectrochemical systems and the critical choices made in the experimental setup that affect the experimental results.

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