ParaCell Kit for Flat Specimens (Glass Body & Polycarb Ends)

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This new ParaCell™ Electrochemical Cell Kit (#992-00196) replaces the standard polycarbonate cell body with a jacketed glass cell body and Polycarbonate Ends. The glass body allows you to precisely control the operating temperature of the cell.

Aside from the two endplates for working and counter electrode mounting, there are four other ports. In the normal cell configuration, setup is as follows:

  • End plate with Blue/Green jacks: flat specimen (working electrode)
  • End plate with Red/Orange jacks: 2nd flat specimen or counter electrode (graphite plate)
  • Top #7 Ace-Thread of working electrode end plate for a Luggin capillary/bridge tube for use with Gamry’s SCE, Ag/AgCl, and Hg/Hg2SO4 reference electrodes (electrodes ordered separately)
  • Three remaining #7 Ace-Threads which can be used for reagent addition, bubbling/blanketing/venting, et cetera