Silver/Silver Chloride Reference Electrode

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Silver/Silver Chloride Reference Electrode (Ag/AgCl), a reference electrode based on the reaction between elemental silver and silver(I) chloride. Filled with saturated potassium chloride (36% w/w). Electrode potential is 199 mV vs. Normal Hydrogen Electrode (NHE)

  • Laboratory grade borosilicate glass shaft
  • Electroporous KT Glass frit/junction
  • Reference electrode body length is 11 cm
  • Main body diameter is 9 mm, and is 4 mm at the glass junction
  • Cable connection is 2 mm phone jack (plugs directly into Gamry white reference cable)
  • Includes Safety Data Sheet and black protective cover for glass frit

*Note this Ag/AgCl uses Reference Electrode Filling Solution - Silver/Silver Chloride  #955-00004

Overview of reference electrodes
Checking the impedance of your reference electrode
Care of reference electrode and changing porous glass frits
Convert Potentials to Another Reference Electrode

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